Saturday, April 5, 2014

I am back from my week long trip to Charleston, SC. As usual I fall more in love with this city with each visit. My three day gallery tour was amazing and I met so many wonderful artists and gallery owners. One day was just spent exploring the city. My mother and brother took my little boy to the Battle ship park and I was left to explore. The exquisite details of this lovely city are mind boggling, specially if you are an artist with a detailed mind. There are endless hidden treasures to be discovered around each corner. A secret garden or classical piece of cornice or wrought iron , a lovely old tree or an historical building erected before America was indeed America. I was able to fully appreciate this city's beauty on this visit, a cherished time for me.
I still have dreams of 82 Queen restaurant. Wonderful food and service. If I was not a full time artist I think I would love to be a chef. They serve inspiring creations of southern classics. Their She-Crab soup is certainly my Kryptonite. My recreation of this ambrosia is near complete in my kitchen.....I may be able to life now.

I can not wait to visit again. I always have the excuse of saying "It is for my work" :)



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