Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is my new miniature gouache entitled "Old Jug & Antique Lace" 4" x 4.5" It is the first in a series that explores my love of old textiles. This painting was sold before the opening along with two other of my miniature works at the Seaside Gallery's International Exhibit of Miniature fine art in Nags Head North Carolina. This show opens May 3rd.
I also just acquired an amazing 19th century hand-made lace runner. It will round out the series as possibly a small work.
I am actually working on two series at this moment. I want to thank my Brother Robert for the inspiration for the second series. He is quite the connoisseur of fine scotch so this series will be dedicated to him and his wonderful support to me as an artist. He has an amazing eye and I always know that I can ask him to critique my work and I will receive thoughtful and honest criticism. This is so valuable to an artist as we become a bit blind to our own work in our studios.

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